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I’m from India and I love studying at BLUE LOTUS COLLEGE in Melbourne. BLUE LOTUS COLLEGE is one of the greatest colleges. The teacher and other staff are very helpful and friendly. I got to learn a lot of skills in the General English course. They always care about how the students are doing during the course and they always supported me during this COVID time. I am proud to be the part of BLUE LOTUS COLLEGE.

Manmeet Kaur

I am from Nepal and recently I am the student of ‘BLUE LOTUS COLLEGE’. As far as I know, it’s one of the best colleges in MELBOURNE. I really love studying at ‘BLUE LOTUS COLLEGE’. The college admins and teachers are very supportive and helpful..? Whenever we have some problems while studying, they care about every student and are always keen to support us. I feel so proud to be part of BLUE LOTUS COLLEGE. Thank you

Visha Shrestha

My experience in studying at BLC is very positive as I get the right support that I needed from course enrolment to gaining new knowledge from Leadership and Management course through its practical application in my workplace. The instructors that I had were all supportive and challenge me to become confident in applying the acquired knowledge to the real-world given that I am from a healthcare background. The team-based learning significantly enhances my leadership and communication skills which I always need in the workplace. Overall, BLC has done a great job of supporting and preparing students to be good leaders and managers in their chosen job.

Leizel Duran

My name is Thi yen tran_ BLC00442 I am satisfied with the training program of Blue Lotus College. My course is an Advanced diploma of leadership and management. This course teaches me the simple principles expert managers use to improve and motivate employee performance. The trainer is enthusiastic and always there to answer my questions. The class is always active and presentation skills have improved significantly. I have gained more knowledge about management after taking the course.

Tran Yen

I am studying for an advanced diploma of leadership and management in this college. Overall I am having a very good experience here. The management teams are very good and supportive. This college is helping in my personal growth. Specially, I would like to thank our class teacher Mr. Suresh Shrestha, who is very understanding and supportive to all the students. I highly recommend you to come and join this college.

Yamuna Pun

I am from Nepal and I love studying at Blue Lotus College. Blue Lotus is one of the great colleges that I have studied in. The trainers and other staffs are very friendly and we get to learn a lot of skills on leadership and management. They care about how the students are doing during the course and have always supported me during this COVID pandemic time. I chose Blue Lotus because they provide flexibility with the class schedule and the trainers have always been there when any instructions needed. I am proud to be the part of Blue Lotus College family.

Shreesthi Shrestha

Blue Lotus College admin and teaching staff members are very supportive and approachable. I started my course during the COVID-19 pandemic. Remote learning is made easy thanks to the interactive teaching style adopted by the lecturer. Diploma of Leadership and Management is a good introductory course for individuals looking to improve leadership skills.

Bhavik Chauhan

I joined their Diploma of Leadership and Management program to gain leadership skills and prepare myself for future leadership opportunities. The course provides a thorough understanding of a leadership role with perceptive thinking. I found the units comprehensive, relevant, and designed with a holistic approach to learning. It caters for a valuable learning experience. The staff at Blue Lotus are helpful and always keen to support the students. The trainers are very professional and knowledgeable. Overall, I am happy and satisfied that I chose Blue Lotus as my VET provider.

Rhea Riaz

Being a student at Blue Lotus College, there is sense of relief that I have chosen a college that ensures the highest quality of education for the student. There is exceptional level of support for the students and the staffs are always in look out for how they can upgrade their support and services. The trainers are well skilled, updated and friendly. BLC, is undoubtedly a college that puts the student first and I am glad to be a part of it.

Sweta Bhatta

I attended an MYOB taster session conducted by SAMI (an excellent instructor in Blue Lotus College)…. She was very friendly and knowledgeable….The session was really informative and helpful for everyone interested in MYOB software applications…

Amogh Pradhan

I attended their free promotional Payroll Workshop and one word – Excellent!!


Thank you for the invaluable free training sessions. I attended last week’s MYOB & XERO taster sessions and the staff was very knowledgeable and customer-focused. AR & AP content training was excellent.

Jayani Gunasekara


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