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In porseleinen schalen Porseleinen schalen staan mooi op tafel en het bespaart een hoop afval. Alleen nog even opwarmen in de oven of magnetron. We nemen de schalen bij de volgende bestelling weer mee. En als je niet meer bestelt, komen we de schalen bij je ophalen. Source

mama’s kitchen

Ingrediënten voor 4 personen: 500 g risottorijst 1,5 l runderbouillon, of groentebouillon voor een vegetarische variant Klein buisje saffraan 1 grote ui, fijngesnipperd 2 tenen knoflook, uitgeperst Extra vergine olijfolie 1 glas droge witte wijn 75 g boter 100 g geraspte Parmezaanse kaas Paar takjes … Source

Posh Pantry Kitchen Store

Posh Pantry is a unique culinary boutique offering the best cookware brands, kitchen gadgets, gourmet food items and cooking classes.  If you love to cook and entertain, you are sure to find something that will inspire your next dinner party.  Visit our retail store in Burnaby Heights to browse the shelves or shop online today!…

The Little Pink Chef

In 2014 Maryke Josling featured in the Emirates in-flight magazine and TLPCHEF won the TripAdvisor Excellence Awards 4 times. Maryke regular features on RSG Radio. She was cooking on both Pasella (SABC2), VIA TV, Expresso and Hectic Nine9 (SABC2)  (see the youtube link). She  travelled to Morocco in 2015 attending several cooking classes (her Moroccan class is voted No 1…

7 Online Culinary Classes To Help Improve Your Cooking Skills

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Cookery Courses

One of our greatest hopes is to inspire more cooking and learning in the kitchen. We love having this incredible custom designed culinary space to teach and play in. We’ve found it to be a perfect meeting place to learn new skills, make new friends, and enjoy top-notch guidance along the way. Come on in. Source

Single-Day Wine Tours from Paris, France

And they do not have to do with what you will find in those markets. They have to do with when you can go shopping there. Open Air markets are only open in the morning. Typically from 8:30 am to 1:30 pm. And they are not open every day. As a matter of fact for…

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Adult Education

Achieving for Children (ESF Partner) Anstee House Centre Boyd Court Clubroom (Wandsworth Council) Broadwater Primary School Carshalton College Main Site Colliers Wood Library Creative Industries Centre Drapers Court Centre Eastwood Children’s Centre Edgecombe Hall Residents Association Fayland Children’s Centre Franciscan Primary School Granard Primary School Haydons Park Road Heathmere Primary School Hill House Katherine Lowe…

Cook in Tuscany® – All Inclusive Culinary Vacation

“THE FOOD:  I was expecting to have a great time , but nothing I expected even came close to being as wonderful as this trip has been. I have absolutely had the time of my life, seeing Tuscany, meeting great people, and oh my word, THE FOOD!!! There just aren’t words that are descriptive enough…


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