The Alluvian

Spend quality away time with family.

From the novice to the experienced cook, thousands of students including kids, moms and dads, business professionals, and others come alone, or together with friends to attend our classes each year. If you love to cook, entertain, or just appreciate the pleasure of great food, the Viking Cooking School is the place to indulge your passions.

You can expect the same type of performance from our teachers as you would a Viking range. Our culinary spirit keeps us on the cutting-edge of all things food and inspires us to constantly evolve our menus with the seasons and current cooking trends. Select from our wide array of exciting classes covering subjects such as ethnic cuisines, basic techniques of cooking, baking, vegetarian, and cocktail and dinner parties, whatever you choose, we’ll make sure you have a blast.

After experiencing the exceptional performance of our Viking Range equipment in your cooking class, you may be inspired to update your own kitchen. Our trained Appliance Specialist at the Viking Cooking School would be happy to help you with selecting all the products you will need to complete your dream kitchen!


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