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Food is communication without words, a language that everyone can speak. Yes even when it is just a broodje kaas, sorry dutches ! 🇳🇱For Esther, food is a way of showing where she comes from, who she is and the path she is on. And above all, a way of sharing her beliefs. With her passion, knowledge and sarcasm she shows everyone that vegetarian and vegan food is not only good for yourself and for the planet but also tasty! 🤤🥙🥗I was looking forward to this cooking class since I opened my Christmas gift months ago and it definitely exceeded my expectations!I discovered all kinds of new flavours and dishes (still dreaming about that babaganoush) and went home with a love-filled stomach and a very happy feeling. ️Last but not least, no food waste at Esther’s Cookery ,you can even bring home the #leftovers! ️Many thanks Esther for your energy and passion. Please adopt me so I can cook everyday and we can get all the snails drunk!


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