Culinary School

Stanley Chaoray

Jan 2020

I Stanley Chaoray am an alumnus of IICA. I joined IICA as a student of advanced diploma in culinary arts in July 2018. Giving up my management background and joining the hospitality industry wasn’t an easy step to take but IICA made it feel like the other way around.

The values of hard work, dedication, punctuality, determination, adaptability have been inscribed on me in my journey of 2 years by the faculty and management.

During these years i had the opportunity to take part in various culinary competitions, interact with michellin star chefs, work alongside celebrated chefs such as – Chef Anahita Dhondy, Chef Christina Bowerman, Chef Kwantip Devakula and many more.

I have always been interested in hot kitchens and had been working in the same since 2+ years but as a part of our curriculum at IICA we were taught bakery as well, which i used to clear my trade test and I’m currently working as a bakery chef at Diva-The Italian Restaurant.


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